The NY Daily News wrote a feature article on me and my work (pdf).

Here is a piece I wrote about the role of artists in a conflict zone.



Below are some fantastic quotes raving about We’ve Come Undone. To read the full articles click We’ve Come Undone press.

Please, take some time to read what the world has to say about my art! … (cue angelic music)

“We’ve Come Undone … is a tool for education and raising awareness”
– New York Times

“Artivist with a cause”
– N.Y. Daily News

“Kayhan Irani is an ‘artivist’ with a passion”
– FEZANA Journal

“Monologues expose unsettling reality”
– Rutger’s Daily Targum

“This is art with dual purposes: to entertain and enlighten.”

“Wonderfully performed”
– Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

– Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

“It made me think about things differently”
– Sektor 6 Kommunikations

” … pieces that are not only serious and provocative but humorous and ironic.”
– F Newsmagazine, Chicago Art Institute


One Response to “Press”

  1. dilshad patel July 9, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    this is fab I must say ur awesome!

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