2 Responses to “Stay Here”

  1. Tita Beal August 16, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    Your thoughts set off three of mine:

    – A Brit billionnaire studied the world looking for a safe place where there would be no war, no nukes. He carefully chose to live on a sheep farm in the Falkland Islands… and a few months later, here come Prince Charlie on a British warship to shoot out ownership of the Falklands with Argentina. No where to hide.

    – Humans no longer can swish each other’s face with their glove and go out to duel for any reason. Maybe someday we will evolve further. Or maybe we’ll just destroy the species and the other mammals and fish and birds and insects will flourish again. Your insight is all we have: live aligned with how we want to spend our time on the planet… as long as we try not to hurt others.

    -I think my hands, that table, my cat are solid objects. But everything we can see is really a swirl of spinning electrons, neutrons, quarks, electromagnetic energy and whatever we don’t yet have a clue about – vibrating strings that Hindu and astro-physicists envision? a dimension of mind/spirit energy? In “Flatland”, an 1895 book by a mathematician, conscious creatures live in two dimensions. One slides off the surface, discovers the 3rd dimension, and tries to communicate what he experienced and that they all are part of another unseen dimension. Of course he’s considered insane, or worse, a heretic. Our scientists may think they have itemized 10 or more dimensions and wormholes and alternate universes. What if we are part of a dimension that we cannot even visualize? And our incarnation in this fleshy, gooey 3-D form is our time to learn until the bodies we drive die like old cars and we get out, re-align with that essence we connect with only rarely?

  2. Kevin Mooney August 16, 2014 at 1:14 pm #

    Kayhan my dear,
    As you well know we must put the oxygen mask on our own face first before we can place it upon another. And service to others comes in many different forms. I’m glad you are taking this time for yourself. You deserve it!

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