2 Responses to “Play Reading and International Artists”

  1. Jasjit Singh May 7, 2014 at 7:55 pm #

    Chinese Pomegranate Painting,48cm x 96cm,2612003-xThank you Kayhan…….yes of course I would love to come and am looking forward to seeing you all and attending the play reading. Who knew there were Iranis in Yemen of all places! what a complex story line.

    Is anyone coming from town then we can take the 7 together or I can come earlier if I have the right directions. The problem is coming back afterwards, so it would be nice if there was omeone along.

    Do let me know whenever you have time. It’s been chilly because of the wind, polen levels are awful but a few more weeks and it should settle down

    I had some issues with the laptop, should be alright now but it’s so unsettling when it does’nt work properly. Finding/recalling recipes that I used to cook looooooong ago, been cooking quite a bit in fact.

    Love & hugs


  2. michael mcguigan May 8, 2014 at 9:59 pm #

    Hey Kayhan
    I’m so sorry Joanna and I will have to miss your play reading, as we will be in Holstobro for a seminar on community theatre, were we are giving a presentation with none other than your sister Monirah Hashemi! We’ll be back on the 19th and here thru June so let’s see each other.
    Much love,
    Michael and Joanna

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