4 Responses to “How to value difference?”

  1. Tita August 26, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    I wonder if the distance/difference in communications is not just city v country but also class. You are working with people who have achieved a certain level so they want to make sure you will add value before they open to you…. whereas people in the country or city who have not had much opportunity to feel and live their potential are more grateful and open to any support. This thought comes from a beautiful 10 days in Morocco that included not just the beauty of design, architecture, reddish brown earth, mountains, etc. but best of all, an invitation to spend two days of EID celebrationa with a taxi driver’s extended family in Casablanca. Urban people, even college educated, but struggling to pay bills and support their families. Tita

  2. Ricardo August 26, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    Abrazos, m’ija.

  3. noshir August 26, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    diffrence in thinking also creeps up between learned and illerate,with rich and poor, with strong and weak,.many at times diffrence in thinking creeps between caste systems.one thinks it was the judgement of god.even at very mundane level it creeps in between v.well fed and not so well fed.
    at the very early stages ,it is the bias,wrong ideas ( in house or schools ) enviroment,and good many factors at very early stage enters the thinking process and later in life grows bigger,stronger and corrosive and much more which clouds the thinking and inlfuences the diffrence in thinking process to the same question to many in the society as whole.

    things are getting heavy.time for a cup of mint tea,

  4. Jorge Vismara August 26, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    hmmm… loved your report… thanks, as always nice, sharp, brilliant…

    city people don’t say hello to people they cross in the streets (or in the elevator), village people DO.
    city people have planned debts and bills to pay… village people not necessarily… so the focus in city life is more committed to $$ than to people…

    reminds me about a short chat I had with a community leader in a tiny self sustained community in the Amazon river, a couple of years ago.
    I asked him, how many families moved to the big town… (they count families not people). He said: two.
    then I asked him how many families moved in the community?… He said 12…
    so I asked him, why do people move here, why they like to live here?
    He was not ready for the question, but after thinking for a serious moment, he smiled and said: well, we don’t carry keys here.
    – my reading – that means that all doors are not locked (can you smell trust?)
    then he added: we don’t have to pay bills.
    – my reading – no need to produce cash every month
    and finally he said: you know, some people hate to have to wait in line…
    – my reading – you don’t have to spend time doing nothing standing still.

    just adding this story to your city/village experience…


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