One Response to “Summer Happened So Fast”

  1. Tita Beal August 21, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    Thanks for the update. I was thinking of your work in Kabul when the explosion happened somewhere near efforts for arts and cultural events. If we let down our screens and really become aware of all the injustice of the world, we’ll go insane or rush to smell a flower, see a sunset to try to survive. But if each of us takes one action each day, even if only a letter, we do more than nothing. And your work is a lot more than nothing. Whatever you do, makes a difference.

    What would happen if groups of 10 people formed, each person responsible for following a different social or environmental crisis or area of injustice – and the others agree to sign each other’s petitions, write letters when one of the group asks. Ten to the tenth is a very powerful number., Amnesty, Heifer International and others are doing something like this for world political and social justice issues, Move On, CCR, ACLU and others for the US… Environmental groups are organized around the world and merging with social action as the impact on humanity increases… Artists – your artivistas – can’t do it all, but they can inspire a lot of it – and could come together to build on the work of those groups – support, forecast and communicate whatever those groups are focused on. For example, if one of the political groups sends out an alert, artists from around the world who are familiar with the issue or people involved could mobilize quickly to create artistic expressions or give voice to the silenced. Tita

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